The Cornerstone Finance Difference

The Cornerstone Difference

When you embark on a venture for the first time, it can be daunting. Caught in that awkward space of not knowing what you don’t know, you trawl the internet, only to find huge swathes of information, with much of it contradictory! At some point, you need to speak to an expert, and it’s at this point you need the Cornerstone Finance difference.

We’re very aware that some specialist finance brokers can be, how shall we say… Less than welcoming. Used to dealing with experienced developers, many appear not to have time for first time investors and developers. We’re delighted to be able to assure you that this is not how Cornerstone Finance operates!

We pride ourselves on providing a unique, personalised service. Cornerstone Finance customers experience a boutique broker environment and a tailored approach to requirements. Our ethos is to develop long-term partnerships and not simply transactional relationships. Which probably goes some way to explaining why customers return again and again!

As is the property market in general is rapidly evolving, so the specialist finance broker world is changing too.

There is a vast array of lending providers and types of financing available via an experienced finance broker. It’s about selecting the right provider to meet the unique requirements of the borrower.

From bridging loans and short-term finance needs, to longer term development finance, BTL/HMO, to refinancing portfolios, we’re able to connect you with the best match available in the market.

At Cornerstone Finance, we’re not simply a provider of specialist finance. We’re here to help and guide you, whether you’re a first-time developer considering your options, or an experienced investor taking on another huge project.

If you’re just starting out in property development and refurbishment, or as a Buy to Let landlord and would like to discuss your goals and unique requirements, our team at Cornerstone Finance looks forward to giving you a warm welcome.

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