The Dark Arts of Specialist Lending

The Dark Arts of Specialist Lending

For most busy people, what we see is all there is. When we think of lending, the usual names spring to mind. What many people are blissfully unaware of is that in addition to the obvious high street names, there’s a rich landscape of specialist lending available. In this article we explore The Dark Arts of Specialist Lending.

There are hundreds of highly reputable specialist lenders that the majority of potential borrowers will not have heard of. Which is a shame, because with the assistance of a specialist finance broker, we can all gain access to this previously unseen world.

What ever your requirements, or even credit position, there’s a lender out there able to help you achieve your goals. Looking for short-term finance such as a bridging loan? Not a problem!

If you need to raise funds and don’t want to change the terms of your existing mortgage agreement, then a 2nd charge may be a good fit. Specialist brokers such as Cornerstone Finance can arrange this for you.

We’ve previously talked about land development and first-time development funding. This isn’t usually a conversation to have with a high street bank or building society. Rather, specialist funding should be your first port of call.

The same is true of buy to let mortgages where there are many factors to consider, from lender criteria through to fees, even before discussing competitive buy to let mortgage rates. Again, an expert in specialist finance will walk you through this process.

So why the dark arts? More than anything, as a potential borrower for something other than a standard mortgage, you’re often going to be in a position of not knowing what you don’t know. So, how can you know what to ask or of whom, let alone who the key players are to best serve your needs?

Cornerstone Finance can unlock the world of specialist lending for a vast range of requirements and circumstances. For more information, simply get in touch today.

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